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But I Don’t Eat that Much!

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I just gave an interview on public Access TV in Speedway, IN yesterday. This topic in my book Seemed to get the most interest and it reminded me of this long-ago post. Here it is again, enjoy!


doctorfoodtruth illustration of portion size growth

I wrote Food Truths, Food Lies after spending years trying to help my patients sort through their food and weight issues. There is plenty of research showing how bad we all are at estimating how many calories we eat. We can be off by hundreds of calories when quizzed about portion size! This universal ‘bad guessing’ is one of the biggest reasons Americans are so big.

As food portions have grown over the years, our ability to accurately judge calorie content hasn’t. I recently came across another study that looks at this issue from a little different angle.

This 2006 study is by my favorite ‘Food Psychologist’  Brian Wansink. He and his co-author used different size meals to figure out if the “who” or “what size” was more important in judging calorie counts.

It would be easy (and wrong, according to Dr. Wansink) to imagine that overweight or

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The worlds nastiest food industry lies – continued

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More lies revealed – strong work , Ms Zayats!


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Wow! just saw Jerry, he’s lost 26 pounds in 3 months. We’ve gone round and round about his weight and health over the years.Thankfully, something just clicked and he ‘decided to do it differently.’
‘I’m not over-eating now’ he says. ‘instead of 2 scoops of mashed potatoes, now I’m having 2 scoops of veggies. I feel great!’
Good work, Jerry, keep it up!

How Sweet it is – the Sequel

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Recently I published a post about artificial sweeteners, inspired by the curious scientific mind of Dr. Val.  I left off at a point of confusion, hanging between the companies that make aspartame and the companies that market sugar.  Science is hard enough to do properly when honest people are trying to find honest answers.

Throw millions of dollars and professional egos into the mix and who knows how much harder it is to get honest answers.

That is the situation we’re in, trying to find the truth in a confusing mix of sponsored science.  Rather than continue this debate scientist versus that scientist or one company versus the other, I want to make it simple.  You’re used to that from me by now, right?

I see this from 2 angles.  First is simply effectiveness.  I think things should work or not be used.  My patients can tell you how often I focus on this.  Why take a medicine that’s not doing what it’s supposed to?

Same goes with artificial sweeteners.  Industry has worked at this for over 100 years, trying to find a way to give us our sweets without a price.  In all that time, with all the chemicals invented, we’ve never found one that works.

“What do you mean, Doc?  Of course it works.  It’s sweet and zero calories, isn’t that the goal?”

That may be a goal but it’s not the important one, at least not to me.  What are we  trying to do with artificial sweeteners?  Enjoy the sweet taste and yet not gain weight, right?

This is where the fakes have failed.  We’ve never found that diet pop or those little blue packets help people lose weight.  In fact, a recent study (not funded by either group of companies) showed that people who routinely drank diet soda were on average heavier than those that drank regular pop.  To me, this is proof of failure.  If fooling your taste buds can’t fool your waistline, why bother?

The second point is more likely to get mixed up with science geeks and chemical formulas – but let’s not.  Simply put, the most popular artificial sweetener, aspartame, becomes two different chemicals as soon as it passes through the liver.  Methanol is a toxic by-product of alcohol distilling that can cause blindness; formaldehyde is an embalming chemical you smelled in biology class when frog dissection time came around.

The little blue packets and almost every brand of diet soda out there turns into these two chemicals in your liver.  Does that sound like a good thing to you?  Me either!

If it doesn’t work to help weight loss and it turns into poison in my liver, why would I let it through my lips?  I don’t and maybe you should reconsider too…

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!

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A great rant here from an inspiring Pediatrician. I can usually shrug off the feeling that patients will take their mom’s neighbor’s cousin’s advice over mine. Drkay may have really hit it with her insight. My advice gets ignored when there are faster results promised by someone else. I just need to speed up!
Unfortunately, my body won’t and neither will yours — those ‘quick fixes’ are really just a quick way to part us and our money.
The ONLY thing that works is one day, one meal, one choice at a time. Change your food, change your life!


Sometimes I wonder if people are listening. I’m overweight but I know why! I eat too much of the wrong things. I am changing that. It’s not easy. I’m in the strange area where I am doing that and counseling people to do that. Today I had an interesting conversation with a coworker. She asked me about my punching bag in my office. She states she is getting gastric bypass and needs to lose weight. She was advised to exercise and thinks this would be cool to have for exercise at home. I agree. I love my punching bag. The doctor in me says you know you have to change your eating habits too.  She tells me she knows and has talked about this with the gastric bypass people and the psychiatrist.  She needs to lose 20 lbs before surgery.  I think the conversation is cool until she says I need…

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Have you heard? My book Food Truths, Food Lies was just reviewed by an Internet heavyweight, Dr. Val Jones of

And she liked it!

Everyone needs validation now and then, even DoctorFoodTruth.   I’ve had some good one-on-one time with some very successful patients recently, watching people heal their diabetes and stop their medicines as they lose 40, 50, even 75 pounds.  Each of them has become a local spokesperson for my book, telling near-strangers about it and challenging them to read it and try the changes I suggest.

Even with this kind of positive feedback, not having Oprah feeding my book sales has been a bit of a setback 😉

So reading Dr. Jones’ take was a real shot in the arm, let me tell you.

She says: Food Truths, Food Lies, written by family physician Eric Marcotte, M.D., may be the most refreshingly evidence-based diet book of the decade. You will not find a single mention of super-foods, magical berries, or supplement “must-haves” in the entire book. What you will find is the cold, hard truth about why many Americans are overweight, and what it takes to become a healthy eater.

See her entire review here.

front cover of Food Truths, Food Lies for doctorfoodtruth

Food Truths, Food Lies

Her site is a welcome relief from the bad information and outright lies most people find on the Internet about their health.  Check it out at!

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

It's Never To Late To Be Healthy! (via drkaylosesweight)

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This is a great post from a colleague and on-line inspiration, DrKayLosesWeight. Success shared can help others succeed. Our stories can change people’s lives.
Do you have a success story with healthy living that you want to share? Let me know and I’ll brag on you too!

As my blog name says I am a doctor. I have been a pediatrician for 15 years. Being a pediatrician means my patients will out grow me. When you turn 18 you start being seen by the adult doctors. I recently ran into a patient. She is in early twenties. Its been ages since I've seen her. The last time was she was getting a tour at the gym. I ran into her in town. I said hi and asked how was the gym going since it was the last place I seen her. She s … Read More

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