The worlds nastiest food industry lies – continued

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More lies revealed – strong work , Ms Zayats!

shaping the unconventional path

After my first article on food industry lies I had to realize that the deeper you dig in the dubious business of food industries, the more you find yourself in a pile of shit!

1. Who needs bees to make honey?


One would expect that it’s a pretty natural and straightforward product – there are flowers, busy bees and a beekeeper involved in this process. What an annoyingly long task – fortunately the major players in the industry found a way to make “honey” without flowers, bees and beekeepers.

Ugly truth:

China is the largest honey producer in the world & pretty much all the major players in the industry knowingly buy their honey from shady sources in China. Some of the samples contain labels from other countries when in fact they originated in China but were re-routed to avoid tariffs of up to 500 percent.

“Now there is lot…

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  1. Thank you very much, Mr. DoctorFoodTruth! Let’s keep fighting food industry lies!

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