Kill your TV

In Junk Food on February 13, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Kill your TV t-shirt on doctorfoodtruth

Have you ever seen that on a bumper sticker?  I love it and pass it on every chance I get.  My version for my patients is “TV melts your brain.”  I hope no one believes me (though I like making teenagers wonder) but I do think TV is a terrible health influence.

Holding down a couch isn’t the world’s best exercise, oddly enough.  Worse, the food commercials we see actually work!  Advertisers know this well.  During the commercial fest that runs every February with occasional breaks for football, pizza companies know just how much more business to expect based on how many commercials they run.

Perhaps the worst effect TV has on our health choices is how distracting it is.  Like most men, when the TV comes on, I tune out everything else.  I love my wife, find her interesting and quite beautiful, and enjoy talking to her and looking at her.  The crazy thing is that anything on TV can keep my attention off her no matter how hard I resist.  We’ve learned to find seating without a view of the big screen at restaurants if she wants me to make eye contact.

To some degree, that’s how everybody is.  TV is a great distraction.  TV watching has been proven to cause us to snack even when we know we’re not hungry.  How terrible for my waist is that!

My advice: limit TV watching to at most 2 hours daily and NO EATING on the couch — no exceptions.  The chance of me eating beyond my needs and not even remembering it is too high.  Just say no!

  1. I agree as I sit hear looking at The BIg C on Showtime:) Will be heading to TKD soon.

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