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In Diet and Weight, Family Doctor, Food and Health on October 12, 2012 at 11:55 am

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Recently, the arsenic-in-my-apple-juice brouhaha heated back up.  Not long after, the FDA put the hammer down on many of the companies selling hCG for weight loss.   For a guy with food and weight on the brain like me, the connection is obvious.

As a society, we are consuming factory-made food and drink, getting way too big by doing it, then running to chemicals (yes, hCG and other homeopathy or ‘all-natural’ products are chemicals) for a quick fix.  Look how well it’s working!

What I see every day are heavy, unhealthy, unhappy people desperate for an antidote.  What I see less often is a heavy, unhealthy, unhappy person desperate enough for a change.  Guess who ends up better off?

I tell patients over and over, day after day: “There is no quick fix.  There is no magic pill.  If anything really worked, would anybody still be fat?”

Overweight is about calories, folks.  There is no way to dodge this issue.  The FDA link above has a short, blunt video exposing the hCG diet plans for what they are.

Yes, people lose weight on them.  No, hCG has nothing to do with it.  Then why do they work?

500 calories a day!!  That’s the diet plan they recommend!  No surprise, when you eat like you live in a concentration camp, you lose weight.  The problem is, cutting your calories to this point can cause serious problems with your body including passing out or having an irregular heart beat.  Definitely not try-it-at-home stuff here.

Rather than looking for the quick easy fix that doesn’t exist, change is needed.  Changing our food and drink to match what our bodies need for health is the only way to be healthy.  My motto is absolutely true:  Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

Try it, you’ll see…

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  2. So true! Fad diets don’t work and that is why they are so darn successful from a marketing standpoint. People have to return to them time and again because they don’t offer a long term solution to peoples health and weight issues. The only long term solution is to be physically active and eat a healthy diet full of real food. Do the right things in moderation over time and they will add up. Unfortunately this mindset doesn’t offer the flashy, lose weight instantly vision given by diet schemes, so it’s not so easily embraced. However, I believe it’s the only real long term solution

    • Well said! “Do the right things in moderation over time and they will add up.”
      Unfortunately that’s not the (current) American Way, though we can all work to change our own views and those closest to us to embrace health and good choices.

  3. Oh, DoctorFoodTruth, thank you for telling it like it is. I wrote a blog post not long ago in which I complained vigorously about those who try to persuade the credulous that they can, for example, lose “30 pounds in 30 days.”

    A reader commented on the article, agreeing that marketers should tell the truth . . . and it turns out that her own website promotes losing a “pound” (of what?) a day with the hCG diet!

    I’m thrilled the FDA is cracking down.

    Happy to have discovered your website!

  4. Oh, I will. You’re in my RSS feed now. 🙂

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