By Way of Introduction (exerpt)

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I want to get into food in a way I’ve never seen another author do it.  I want to help teach people to know their food.  I want choosing the right foods to be as natural as choosing the right outfit.  If I had my way, this teaching would be done and learned by the time a kid was about a third grader. Everyone would know their food like they know their alphabet and multiplication tables.

Nutrition education, deeply known and acted on, would solve many of our problems with weight (and maybe bankrupt McDonald’s and a few other deserving companies along the way.)

Unfortunately, if you’re old enough to drive to the bookstore and browse this introduction, you’re probably past the point where it’s easy to learn new habits – what we often call “adulthood.”  Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are lots of good things about being an adult besides having a driver’s license and a credit card, and adults are absolutely capable of learning new habits.

It’s just not easy.  It’s not.  Simply put, adults learn facts much more easily than children but learn behaviors much less easily than when they were children.  That makes a book like this so important.  The facts need to be learn-able and the reasons to learn them plain and the motivation to change obvious.
I’ve talked to thousands of folks that want to lose weight and learned some things from them and about them along the way.

First, change only happens when someone wants to change.  Whether it’s quitting cigarettes or Burger King or excess TV, “it’s a free country” as I remind my patients and myself every day.  I have never and will never make someone lose weight and probably can’t even make them want to lose weight.  The best I can do is coax, teach, encourage, inform, and support.

That’s the best this book can do too.  If there is no “want to” in you right now, please look elsewhere for it.  These pages will not make you do anything.  What I hope I can do for you and with you is to open your eyes to habits, wrong information, and bad thinking about our bodies and the food we need to keep them in good working order….

From the Introduction of Food Truths, Food LiesOrder here from Amazon to read on!

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