Doubt It!

In factory farms, Organic Food on January 16, 2012 at 11:46 am
Bad Ronald on doctorfoodtruth

Anybody else see the new McDonald’s commercial about the beef they serve?

I saw it during the Saturday playoff games and immediately said “Bull$h!t!”

This blog spells it out a little more bravely than I will and has a link to the commercial on YouTube if you missed it.

It leads anyone who doesn’t know better to think their beef cows live out their leisurely lives grazing open ranches in the wild west and then end up magically filling a Big Mac.

Ever heard of a feed lot?  That’s the truth of where fast food cows come from, knee-deep in their own waste, stuffed on food they can’t digest laced with antibiotics they shouldn’t have.

Google ‘feed lot’ and click the Images link. You’ll see the pictures McDonald’s doesn’t want you to think about.

Hopefully it’s as plain to you as it is to me: animals shouldn’t be treated like that.  If they are, you certainly shouldn’t eat them!  Choose better, skip the fast food/chain restaurants.  Find somewhere that serves grass-fed, locally raised beef or choose not to eat it at all.

Whatever you do, please don’t believe that clown!

  1. Cattle should be treated with respect at all stages of production, transportation, and even in the slaughter house. An excellent movie was made about Temple Grandin, a sensitive individual who understands this concept.

  2. Again, such a fantastic post. It reminds me of the disgusting truths I found out when writing “Is McDonald’s Lying About Their Ingredients?” The resounding answer is Y-E-S!! When you need to use silicone to stick the fish, chicken and other food items together (and I use the term “food” very loosely), then something is seriously wrong. I don’t want caulk in my digestive system. They call it an “anti-foaming agent”, but exactly what is foaming?! So nasty. I truly believe this is why McDonald’s stinks – literally like nowhere else on earth.
    Thanks for the fine info, Doc. Keep up the good work.

    • It does stink, though I had to stop eating it several years ago to realize that. Maybe the ‘caulk’ has to leach out of your body before you can appreciate the distinctive smell?

  3. David – yes that movie is amazing. One thing we could all do is eat beef that actually lived on a field instead of a pile of manure. I’m part of a team dedicated to reaching out to others with the message of eating more healthy and providing amazing beef and dairy products check out my blog here:

  4. I couldn’t agree more!! Consumers should begin to demand more products with the Certified Humane label on the package. I don’t know for sure if this certification means anything but it may at least increase awareness of the horrors of the feedlots and factory farms. Visit

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