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Doubt It!

In factory farms, Organic Food on January 16, 2012 at 11:46 am
Bad Ronald on doctorfoodtruth

Anybody else see the new McDonald’s commercial about the beef they serve?

I saw it during the Saturday playoff games and immediately said “Bull$h!t!”

This blog spells it out a little more bravely than I will and has a link to the commercial on YouTube if you missed it.

It leads anyone who doesn’t know better to think their beef cows live out their leisurely lives grazing open ranches in the wild west and then end up magically filling a Big Mac.

Ever heard of a feed lot?  That’s the truth of where fast food cows come from, knee-deep in their own waste, stuffed on food they can’t digest laced with antibiotics they shouldn’t have.

Google ‘feed lot’ and click the Images link. You’ll see the pictures McDonald’s doesn’t want you to think about.

Hopefully it’s as plain to you as it is to me: animals shouldn’t be treated like that.  If they are, you certainly shouldn’t eat them!  Choose better, skip the fast food/chain restaurants.  Find somewhere that serves grass-fed, locally raised beef or choose not to eat it at all.

Whatever you do, please don’t believe that clown!



In Diet and Weight, Family Doctor, Food Diary, Food Truths, Food Lies, Junk Food, Mindful Eating, Self Image on January 5, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Scale on doctorfoodtruth

One was almost angry, the other almost completely resigned.  Two still-young women in my office in back-to-back appointments recently, both with one thought on their mind: “That scale can’t be right!”

Both are busy moms with teens at home, days filled with errands, work, worry and everyone’s needs but theirs. These ladies are why I (usually) love being a family doctor and get excited about helping people.  These ladies are why I (sometimes) loathe being a family doctor and feel exhausted at the end of the day.  See, frustration all around.

Both Sara and Tara (not their real names) are here to see me about their weight.  These women aren’t asking me for a way to lose ten pounds either.  Both are about 100 pounds away from being healthy and they know it… and they hate it.

Sara really just wants Adipex.  Tara tried reading Food Truths, Food Lies but got discouraged by the challenge and quit.  Sara tried an app to count calories and is sure she doesn’t eat more than 1,500 a day but still gains weight.  Tara struggles with her normal-sized husband bringing home chips, cookies and other bad snacks even when she asks him not to.

See? Frustration.  How do I help them?  I’m not sure.

Sara hasn’t read my book yet, hasn’t yet found out all the ways her food habits are making her feel sick and gain weight.  I don’t prescribe Adipex (ever!) for a whole bunch of reasons but I did agree to check her thyroid along with some other hormone and vitamin levels.  I asked her to read my book — she really has a lot to learn about diet and nutrition.  I’ll see her again in a few weeks, we’ll go over her lab tests and I’ll start trying to help her change 30+ years of eating habits that are making her sick.

Tara is easier to talk to but harder to help.  I’m afraid she has given up on herself and is just calmly waiting for me to tell her she’s got diabetes, bad cholesterol, or whatever else will eventually go wrong.  Which brings me to the real source of our frustration.  I can’t make anybody want to change.  I just can’t.

The good news is that Sara can absolutely lose weight and take control of her health without ever taking Adipex.  Tara can absolutely find new hope and energy in little changes like eating a high-protein breakfast and skipping the orange juice and soda pop.  All of us can always change, improve, and renovate our health with two little words: “I will.”

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!