In Food Truths, Food Lies on December 20, 2011 at 11:59 am
Food Truth Food Lies book by doctorfoodtruth

I am almost speechless right now.  I just got a heads-up email from a blogger-friend over at SweetFatLies.

Danielle is an insightful blogger I’ve enjoyed reading for some time now.

She decided to read and dissect my book Food Truths, Food Lies which made me a little nervous, I have to admit.  From what I’ve seen she doesn’t pull her punches.

Well, she just posted her review and  – wow!  She cut right to the core of my thoughts on food and wrote a great ‘Cliff Notes’ version of the book.

First, I think her site is a great add to your RSS feed, so add her.  Second, once you’re there, read her review.  Her opening sentence shows her laser focus on truth about food, diet, and weight:

I recently came across a Midwestern family physician who calls himself “Dr. Food Truth”  who offers up an often  funny, sometimes in-your-face look at the typical American diet and what it really means to your health.

Thanks Danielle!  Keep writing and teaching the “food truth” –  it can be hard to find out there…


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