I Can See the Future (recycled post)

In Diet and Weight, Excercise, Family Doctor, Food and Health on November 21, 2011 at 12:05 pm

A family Tree on doctorfoodtruth

One of the unique perspectives I get as a small-town family doctor comes from truly taking care of families.  My little town is a place people tend to stay to raise kids and their kids stay, too.  The stability of the community is one of its big attractions to new families as well.

For a Family Doc, this means I often know three or even four generations in a family.  What better way to know about someone’s medical family history than taking care of both their mother and son?  The great part for me is how quickly I start to feel like one of the family.  As I walk through illnesses, births, deaths, and other milestones with people, we learn a lot about each other and often become friends.

The hard part is watching health problems trickle down the generations.  Grandma’s diabetes is connected to mom’s insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and her son’s obesity and acanthosis (a sign of coming insulin resistance.)  Sometimes it can feel like trying to move a mountain to get everyone to change.

What I know is that the eight-year-old is on the wrong path and heading straight for early health problems like the rest of the family.  What I also know is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have seen whole families choose differently and re-vamp their health together, I know it’s possible.  I also know it’s hard.

One day turns into the next, the TV is on, healthy food is harder to make and more expensive to buy — all these things and more can make change hard for families.

But I keep hoping, keep nudging, keep encouraging people to change.  Grandma can feel better and younger, mom can avoid diabetes altogether, and Junior can be a healthy kid without his weight and tiredness slowing him down.  I know it! Now if only I could show the future instead of just seeing it…

Change Your Family’s Food, Change Your Lives!


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