A Vegetable is a Vegetable

In factory farms, Food and Health, Organic Food on November 17, 2011 at 11:57 am

Pizza on doctorfoodtruth

A vegetable is a vegetable, unless …
– you are an elected official
– you work for a Big Food company
– money means more to you than kids do

Today, a rant.

Wednesday, Twitter was ablaze with disappointment over Congress apparently deciding pizza is a vegetable.  In the multi-billion dollar battle for kids taste buds and waistbands, school food plays a nationwide role.

What lands on the lunch tray shapes kids and their future health in obvious ways.  Unfortunately, what lands on those same trays affects some big companies bottom lines too.

When those two needs meet in Congress, money wins.  Faced with the chance to move food choices and health consequences in a positive direction for millions of kids and their families, our beloved leaders are letting food industry lobbyists cast the vote for them.

Was it the Tomato lobby, those upstanding corporate citizens who keep modern slavery alive, who will swing the vote to allow pizza to “count” as a vegetable?  Maybe the Grain lobby, worried about profits now that weeds are winning the Roundup GMO war, are leading the enlightened way.

Who knows?  What I know is that this is way more embarrassing than a politician who can’t spell ‘potatoe’ (Dan Quayle, VP for you youngsters.)

Vice President Quayle made a simple spelling error; these crooks are making a calculated decision that will reverberate in our nation’s health for years to come.


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