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crossroads on doctorfoodtruth

I saw my patient Mary last week.  We’ve known each other four or five years now.  The appointment went pretty normally, us talking about her lab tests, her blood pressure, her weight.

She mentioned some minor road bumps that work had caused her and we chuckled at the difficulties that life can throw our way.  She admitted that her weight loss efforts we talked about at our last visit hadn’t gone very well.

After I did what I needed to do and she asked what she wanted to ask, I was about to tell her I’d see her in a few months when I was suddenly gripped by the need to add something else.

Mary and I are almost exactly the same age.  While I’m not quite 40, I definitely feel the hands of the clock moving faster and faster.  I know that when it comes to health, habit changes and exercise regimens that might be easy when you’re young are not when you get older.

So I said, “Mary, I need to tell you something else and I’m just going to be really honest with you.  I think that you are at a crossroads.  I think if you look this direction, the one prescription medicine that you need now will multiply to five or even ten prescriptions within a few short years.  You can see knee replacement surgeries and a slower, much more painful old age.

“But if you look the other way, you can see what would happen if you choose differently now.  You could have a completely different future.  You can fix you knee pain and avoid early arthritis by losing the weight that needs to come off.  You can heal your system and be able to stop your diabetes medicine within six months if you put your mind to it.  You can avoid the blood pressure and cholesterol pills we talked about today.

“In short, you get to decide how your life goes from here.  But you have to decide now.  Pretty soon, your body will have been damaged by your lifestyle and changing won’t be so healing.  It will be kind of too late.  Please don’t let that happen to you, please don’t wait to make the changes your body needs.  Please take advantage of the opportunity you have and choose to do something different.”

“Yes, Dr. Marcotte, I hear you.  I think you’re right.”

And you know what?  I think I may have actually gotten through to her with that.

We’ll see, I sure hope so.

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!


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