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Broccoli on doctorfoodtruth

“If you have to squint to read the ingredients you probably shouldn’t eat it.”

No piece of brocoli or potato or head of lettuce was ever required to have an ingredients label.  It’s only once a factory gets involved that you have to beware of what you might be eating.

That a factory is involved in something you are planning to fuel your body with seems like a pretty bad idea.

So my rule, and the one I suggest to my patients, is that if you have to squint to read the ingredients, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Humans cook.  We have for as long as we’ve been civilized, maybe longer.   Cooking and eating are some of the greatest joys of life.  I’m not raw or vegan but once you get beyond 4, 5, maybe 6 ingredients, you probably have something going wrong.

When you get “food” that has microscopic print and words you’ve never even heard of on the label, I promise you don’t want to put that into your system.  All those chemicals become part of you and stick around for who knows how long – don’t even go there.

Simple foods, whether you make them yourself or buy them from companies that don’t go crazy with additives, can make you feel much better, much healthier, and even help you stay away from me.

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!


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