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A great rant here from an inspiring Pediatrician. I can usually shrug off the feeling that patients will take their mom’s neighbor’s cousin’s advice over mine. Drkay may have really hit it with her insight. My advice gets ignored when there are faster results promised by someone else. I just need to speed up!
Unfortunately, my body won’t and neither will yours — those ‘quick fixes’ are really just a quick way to part us and our money.
The ONLY thing that works is one day, one meal, one choice at a time. Change your food, change your life!


Sometimes I wonder if people are listening. I’m overweight but I know why! I eat too much of the wrong things. I am changing that. It’s not easy. I’m in the strange area where I am doing that and counseling people to do that. Today I had an interesting conversation with a coworker. She asked me about my punching bag in my office. She states she is getting gastric bypass and needs to lose weight. She was advised to exercise and thinks this would be cool to have for exercise at home. I agree. I love my punching bag. The doctor in me says you know you have to change your eating habits too.  She tells me she knows and has talked about this with the gastric bypass people and the psychiatrist.  She needs to lose 20 lbs before surgery.  I think the conversation is cool until she says I need…

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