Don’t Buy New Pants!

In Diet and Weight, Gluten-free, Mindful Eating on October 10, 2011 at 11:56 am
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I’ve had many patients ask me about my weight and eating habits over the years.  Many assume that I’ve never had to worry about my weight and am just naturally slim. The truth is that I have terrible genes related to weight and other health issues.

I have family members on both sides that weigh over 400 pounds.  No one on either side of my family seems immune to struggle with weight and many have more struggle than success.

Personally, I have gained over 15 pounds in one month and know I could become overweight if I’m not careful. The month I gained so much weight was my first as an intern at the hospital.  Anyone who has every watched ER or Scrubs has some idea how much we make our brand-new doctors work and I was no exception.

The hospital I worked at was very generous with our food allowance.  There was no real limit on how much or how often I could hit the cafeteria.  So, exhausted and stressed, that’s what I did!  The omelet and waffle station was my favorite (this was before the whole gluten thing came up) and I paid as little attention to my diet as most 20-somethings.

By the end of my first month I had worked over 400 hours, eaten a bajillion calories and gained 15 pounds. I’m not a big scale-watcher, so the first hint of a problem was when I swapped the blue pajama scrubs for slacks to do my first office rotation. They didn’t fit!

Oh, I squeezed into them and made it through the day. Right then, I made a decision. I had fit that waist size since college and couldn’t afford new pants.  So, no more waffle-and-omelet 3,000 calorie breakfasts.  It took about three months but I lost those 15 pounds, fit my old pants again and latched onto my “weight alarm system.”

Ever since then, if I feel my pants start to tighten, I review my eating habits, find the problem and fix it before I have a “bigger” issue!  That’s what I mean by not buying new pants.  I firmly believe we all need to have something outside ourselves that will warn us if we head the wrong way.  For me, my waistband works great.  I encourage you to find your warning system and let it keep you healthy!

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!


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