This is Your Brain on Bugspray…

In Food and Health, Organic Food on September 22, 2011 at 11:49 am
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Last week more proof came out that pesticides in our food are harmful.  After a Harvard study in 2010 found a link between pesticides and ADHD, all the researchers would say is “Wash your veggies.”  Really?

The new study was done by Canadian scientists about American children.  Once again, strong evidence comes up that kids who have higher pesticide levels in their blood are more likely to have ADHD.

This time, you can finally hear some experts come out on the side of organic food and start to take this seriously.  These chemicals work by paralyzing the nerves of bugs; it seems like they might be bad for our nerves and brains, too.

Unfortunately, the kids that are already at the highest risk to get ADHD because of other life issues (poverty, too much TV watching, too many video games have all been found to add to kids’ risk) are from the families least able to find or afford organic food.

In a recent post Food on a Bus, I celebrated an amazing project underway in Chicago to bring organic produce to poor neighborhoods.  Grass-roots efforts like this could be powerful to not only combat obesity but ADHD as well.

Big thoughts like this are exciting but for the here-and-now, deciding to choose organic at the grocery and asking for it at your neighborhood restaurant can make a difference too.  The power of choice can have a huge effect on big companies that really don’t care about any of this.  Asking General Mills to stop buying pesticide-laced grain for their cereal is a sure path to disappointment.

Letting General Mills play catch-up to small, ethical companies like Kashi is a much better possibility.  It could happen because you, me and our neighbors say “Enough!” and change our buying habits.  Start the change today and vote with your wallet!

Change Your Buying Habits, Change Your Life!


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