Rescued, part 2

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baked potato with butter on doctorfoodtruth

Last Monday I posted about feeling a little discouraged for my patients’ health.  The very next day, Rich (pseudonym) comes in for his regular visit and gives me a big boost. (see Rescued, part 1)

Today is the rest of Rich’s story (so far) and how he encouraged me without even knowing it.

When I give a ‘health prescription’, I try to keep it simple.  The first lesson for someone who just found out they have diabetes is one thing: Don’t Eat White.  The white carbohydrates and foods are (usually) filled with simple sugars that raise the blood sugar quickly then drop it just as quickly, making you hungry again.

To make this lesson stick for someone who is already overwhelmed, I actually say: “Be a food racist; Don’t eat white!”  Everybody gets a little startled to hear a word like this come from me so they listen better.

I go on: “White bread, white pasta,white flour, white rice, white potatoes, corn (white inside) and white sugar.   Of course, brown sugar is on the bad list too.”  Then: “Find the brown alternative instead: Whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes.”

From this simple start, I ease people into a different food world than they have lived in before.  Rich got this same lesson and took it to heart.

Over the first six months after being diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes, Rich lost over 40 pounds, came off insulin and then all his diabetes medicines, and got enthusiastic about exercise.  By last week, almost 2 years into his life change, you’d hardly recognize him.

Before?  He was obese, tired, grumpy all the time, and borderline depressed.

Now?  He looks like a body builder with giant shoulders, constant energy and a little grin on his face.

He knows how far he has come and how much better he is.  We talked about his next health step, which I think should be working on more weight loss to try to get his blood pressure down without pills, too.

I don’t know if he’ll push on to that next level.   What I do know is that he has completely transformed his life, health, and body.  Knowing I had a hand in putting him on the right path is pretty satisfying, let me tell you.

For Rich, back to daily choices about his life that will decide how he feels, how well he stays, even how long he’ll live.

For me, back to helping change my little town, one person at a time.  Thanks to Rich, I’ll be doing it with a fresh reminder of why I keep at it and what’s possible.

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!

  1. I love stories like this! I want that to be me in 2 years. So far, 65lbs down and a fitness enthusiast!! I do have a question for you tho, is quinoa a good white food or a bad one? I like the protien in it and find it filling.

    • Thanks for coming by! Great to hear your commitment and goal-setting. By the sounds of your goal, you’ve even mastered the ‘slow is better’ part of the weight-loss equation. To your question about quinoa, all I can read about it indicates it is a great substitute for grains with plenty of fiber and protein. The pasta I’ve eaten made from quinoa seemed much more filling than its wheat-based counterparts. I think you have a great white food there, keep enjoying it!

  2. Hey, what about cauliflower, onions and garlic? There are some exceptions to the “don’t eat white” philosophy.

    • Hi Emily, thanks for joining the conversation! There are exceptions to Don’t Eat White (and everything else in life) but I find it a great starting point. Many people may have never looked past size and price in deciding what to eat.
      When folks get to the point of arguing about cauliflower, I think they are beyond the beginner stage 😉

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