Rescued, part 1

In Diet and Weight, Don't Eat White!, Family Doctor on September 15, 2011 at 12:34 pm
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Just as my “meta-diet” was fading, patients to the rescue!

Not two days after my last post where I was Debbie Downer about discouragement in my clinic, I saw Rich (pseudonym) for his routine follow-up and got the boost I needed to get back on my meta-diet!

Rich is one of the quietest guys you could meet and admits to never being a fan of going to the doctor.  When he first came in to see me a couple of years ago, I could tell it was only desperation and his wife’s push that got him through my door.  Once we talked, I knew he was in some trouble despite being young and having an active job.  Rich was at least 100 pounds overweight and had the classic symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes.  He couldn’t drink enough, eat enough, or pee enough and seemed to be exhausted just trying.

Sure enough, his blood sugar was way over 300 that day in the office.  We had the first of several hard talks about how his life was going to go.

“Rich, you’re a young guy.  I hate to see you this sick and tired but if something doesn’t change, I can promise you it will only get worse.  Either you are going to take this diabetes thing by the horns and beat it or it will follow you around the rest of your life making you miserable.  Your choice.”

I try to tailor my approach to the patient.  I’m not always this blunt but I am always this honest.  This time, it worked.  Something must have clicked for Rich.

We talked through the “Don’t Eat White” diet I always teach as the first step for newly diagnosed diabetics.  I gave him a sugar meter and started a medicine strong enough to deal with his severe diabetes.  I also told him very bluntly that he could fix this if he lost weight and started exercising.

Wow, did he listen.  Rich may not be a big talker but he heard me that day.  When I saw him back a few weeks later for a sugar check, he had already dropped 10 pounds and his sugar was routinely staying under 150.

…Check back Monday at noon for part 2!

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