Ebb and Flow

In Diet and Weight, Family Doctor, Food and Health on September 12, 2011 at 12:05 pm
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I’ve come to realize that watching for dietary success is a lot like pursuing it.  Some weeks I see multiple success stories come into my office.  I get a great feeling seeing people empowered to take back their health.  Knowing that I’ve had a hand in helping someone turn their life around is a great feeling, let me tell you.

Other weeks are a little more barren.  Setbacks happen in our health and setbacks happen in health-watching, too.  Last week was one of those less encouraging weeks for me.  I noticed myself feeling a little down, being a little less likely to cheer someone on to trying to make a change in their life, even doubting whether my efforts were worth it.

Then I realized that my “meta-diet” (made up of multiple people’s diets – you just saw a new term be born!) is going to have ups and downs just like anyone trying to change their health habits should expect.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  Changing your life is not easy.  I believe it is simple for most people but easy does not equal simple, particularly in things involving people and our complex minds.

So, this post is written as much to encourage myself as anyone else.  Success comes in waves, setbacks will happen.  None of these setbacks needs to be permanent but unless my motivation gets a kickstart from somewhere, I may let my efforts slide and stop seeing “meta-diet” success.

Just the same, if you let your effort slip away, if motivation and desire to change ebbs and doesn’t get a boost, your looked-for life changes may not happen.  Let’s push back!  No giving up now!  Keep up the effort, the goal is ABSOLUTELY worth it.  Regaining health, restoring stamina, and increasing energy are their own reward — keep trying!

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

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