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While not all publicity is good publicity (in my opinion at least), I’ve been fortunate enough to get some good pub for my book (see sidebar) here lately.  The most recent is from our local hospital, Riverview.  I was interviewed recently by Jennifer Atkinson who made my ramblings sound good 🙂

Here it is, sans pictures.  For the original, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad and go to

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy

(re-published from hospital quarterly, Riverviews)

Eat healthfully, live fully healthy is the mantra of Riverview physician, Dr. Eric Marcotte.  While most of us know that choosing the right foods are important for good health and weight-loss we still continue to struggle with these choices.

As more people struggled with the health and weight-loss battle, he found it important to spread the knowledge he had collected that had helped his patients succeed.

“I was inspired to write the book Food Truths, Food Lies by my patients,” explained Dr. Marcotte. “Years of watching people struggle with their weight and health led to my research. I looked at why Americans are overweight and what could be done about it. What I found is terrible: the average American eats almost 600 more calories every day now than we did 40 years ago. Combine this with less activity caused by television and computer time and you have our country’s current obesity epidemic.”

His research also found that two out of three adults are at least 30 pounds overweight while one in three adult Americans is at least 60 pounds overweight. “We eat so many more [calories] because our food has changed but we have not. Fast food was a treat, a novelty 40 years ago and now it’s a normal part of most people’s lives. Soda pop was served at a fountain or in tiny 8-ounce glass bottles then and now we have self-serve, free refills, and machines filled with 20-ounce bottles.”

What is the most important key to changing the way we eat? Dr. Marcotte says it is to think before you eat. “Once people start to realize what they eat and think about whether this or that is a good choice, then change can happen,” explains Dr. Marcotte. “If I know deep down that the food I put in my mouth actually becomes part of me by tomorrow and stays for years, I’ll start thinking about my food and choose to make a change for health.”

Being aware of what is added to the food we eat is vital to our health. Keep in mind, you have to eat better to feel better. Even if that means spending a bit more on organics or purchasing less processed food; the benefits that you reap will be exponential in the end.


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