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Have you heard? My book Food Truths, Food Lies was just reviewed by an Internet heavyweight, Dr. Val Jones of

And she liked it!

Everyone needs validation now and then, even DoctorFoodTruth.   I’ve had some good one-on-one time with some very successful patients recently, watching people heal their diabetes and stop their medicines as they lose 40, 50, even 75 pounds.  Each of them has become a local spokesperson for my book, telling near-strangers about it and challenging them to read it and try the changes I suggest.

Even with this kind of positive feedback, not having Oprah feeding my book sales has been a bit of a setback 😉

So reading Dr. Jones’ take was a real shot in the arm, let me tell you.

She says: Food Truths, Food Lies, written by family physician Eric Marcotte, M.D., may be the most refreshingly evidence-based diet book of the decade. You will not find a single mention of super-foods, magical berries, or supplement “must-haves” in the entire book. What you will find is the cold, hard truth about why many Americans are overweight, and what it takes to become a healthy eater.

See her entire review here.

front cover of Food Truths, Food Lies for doctorfoodtruth

Food Truths, Food Lies

Her site is a welcome relief from the bad information and outright lies most people find on the Internet about their health.  Check it out at!

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

  1. WooHoo!! Congrats.

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