More of the Same

In Diet and Weight, Gluten-free, Junk Food, Mindful Eating on August 18, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Wow, speaking of up-sizing (see Monday’s post Up-Sizing America) check this out!

Dr. Mary and I go out of our way to find restaurants with gluten-free menus, so we walked to the newest one in our area. It is a “family pub” right on a pretty walking path we enjoy using so it sounded perfect.

The three-mile walk got our appetites up but we resisted an appetizer and placed our orders (bison burger rocks!)

As we sat there rehydrating before eating (being thirsty at the start of a meal is a great way to over-eat) I saw table after table being served the appetizer we resisted. The menu calls it Monster Nacho or something like that and says it serves 2-4 people. Holy cow! I finally got up and interrupted some random strangers’ meal so I could get a close-up. I told them I’m a food blogger but neglected to mention I’d be panning their choice. 😉

In fairness, the four of them barely made a dent before they sent it away in exchange for their much healthier-looking dinners. Other tables around us ate far more with fewer people then dutifully cleaned their supper plates too.

Wow. How many calories is that?!? Nobody knows and too few care. That’s why I write all this. Until we start to care about our food, our health will continue to suffer.

I’d like to hope that restaurants will stop offering Monster Nachos. Unfortunately that seems unlikely since I saw more of those ordered than any other appetizer. This place seems rather proud of their calories too, claiming their most famous dish is the Triple-Bypass Burger.

No, the only way things ever change is one person at a time. When I decide I won’t eat factory-farmed beef or chicken, I make a change for the better for my health and the world. For you, maybe it’s deciding to stop drinking soda pop and fruit juice. The calories you save could save your life; the plastic bottles your decision saves can only help the environment.

Maybe those people will reconsider ordering the Monster Nachos next time, helping them avoid their own triple bypass and avoiding the food waste such huge servings can cause.

Everything matters, every decision counts. Make yours healthier ones!

Monster nachos on doctorfoodtruth

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