Up-Sizing America

In Junk Food, Mindful Eating on August 15, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Dr. Mary and I were enjoying a sunny afternoon in one of our favorite places, a quaint little tourist town in southern Indiana when I spotted this antique.

Coca-Cola memorabilia has gotten popular and valuable, so I’m sure this old Coke machine would cost a fortune to buy.

I snapped a picture because this rusty old machine represents much of the work I do as a family doctor. Its also much of my motivation as a writer and speaker.

A long section of Food Truths, Food Lies is about the liquid calories that have fattened America. Another is about up-sizing, the gradual increase in serving size food companies use to have bigger profits.

This innocent little antique is probably loved by it’s owner. Most passers-by seem to give it a silly grin. I used to think fondly of begging my dad for a quarter so I could get a Coke.

Now? It kind of makes me mad to see these quaint reminders of why two out of three Americans are overweight.

The change in our thoughts about soda pop and serving size has made some big companies a lot of money. It’s also made us the most obese group in history.

The little 8-ounce bottles that machine dispensed are as antique as it is now. Instead we have the 12, 20, and 24 ounce containers and 44-ounce fountain sizes. Every one of these sizes looks like it’s for one person and is usually drunk that way. I have patients that drink 2,000 calories a day of pop! How can anyone be healthy when this seems normal?

Enough ranting for today. I’m glad that one machine won’t glow anymore. Too bad it’s modern cousins are out there by the millions, adding to the obesity epidemic.

Drink Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!


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  3. I have read some other articles on what these can filled beverages are doing to bodies. Can we say eating away at the calcium in our bodies?

    Good article

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