I Can’t

In Excercise, Family Doctor, Food and Health on July 20, 2011 at 9:50 am

“I can’t”

I tell patients this every day because it’s true. I’m not a Superman kind of doctor who thinks he can cure everything. The list of things I can fix is pretty short, so I often have to tell my patients “I can’t fix this.”

Truthfully, there aren’t many things any doctor can fix — we’re just not very good at admitting it. Surgeons can cut out or bypass parts that malfunction, we have some poisons that can cure some cancers, and most infections are curable now. Other than that, all we do is tweak.

Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol – all my pills are tweaks. If you take them everyday and don’t overload your body with too much sugar or salt or cholesterol, my pills will do wonders to keep your body going longer. Start skipping pills or eat so badly you cancel their effects and those pills might as well be a placebo (sugar pill.)

No, the only real life-changing treatment I offer most of my patients is me. I will test and track and harass you as long as you keep coming back for the “treatment” of talking to me. See, even my one good treatment is completely based on you!

The person who can fix it? Again, you! Most high blood pressure and diabetes and cholesterol can be made much better or even cured by only one person: the patient.

Changing your diet works. Getting off the couch and exercising works. Changing your outlook and attitude works. At best, my pills can only help. The real power to heal is in YOUR hands!

  1. Preach ! Somebody who understands me.

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