Never Too Late (excerpt)

In Diet and Weight, Food and Health, Mindful Eating on July 15, 2011 at 12:28 pm
the clown's burger on doctorfoodtruth

…. The good news about our bodies being made of what we eat is that it’s never too late to change.  Maybe we’ve had too many burgers making our waists too big and maybe all the preservatives are swimming around in our system making us unhealthy.  Maybe we feel tired and have no energy and are teetering into depression all the time.  Maybe all this news about what we’ve been doing to our one and only body for years is getting us down.  But you know what?  This same body that has built itself out of whatever we’ve been eating will continue to rebuild itself over and over every day as long as we live.

What that means is that whenever we decide to change and turn our eating habits around, our bodies will immediately begin building with the good stuff we start giving them.  No matter how unhealthy we’ve been, we can always start making it better.  Almost every part of you has been remade many, many times.  New cells grow and replace older ones, new molecules and atoms replace the ones that used to be there and nothing stays the same for long

Too much McDonald’s stuck here and there?  Too many Snickers or Frito’s or cigarettes wedged in between the Big Macs?  That’s all right, your body will forgive you and start to bribe you with feeling good just as soon as you turn your eating habits around and start giving it healthy building blocks.  This is a change worth making too, a change that will pay you back over and over for years to come if you’ll put the time and effort into making the change.

excerpt from Food Truths, Food Lies

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!

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