Lies! (exerpt)

In Food and Health, Junk Food on July 13, 2011 at 12:23 pm
Truth lies

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… You’re being lied to. It happens every day, all day long. The problem is, the lies come so fast and thick and have been lying for so long that they don’t seem like lies anymore. We sure don’t call them lies. We have lots of nicer names for this stuff, like advertising or menus or magazines.

When a child lies to his teacher and then calls it a fib or a story or an excuse, the teacher doesn’t smile and pat him on the head. If the teacher knows it’s a lie, I’d bet the kid gets called to the principal’s office and mom may get a call too.

So why don’t we call the CEO of Kraft or McDonald’s when we find them lying to us? I think it’s because we usually don’t even know we’re being lied to. Nearly everything we read, hear, or see goes along with the lies so much that they just seem part of everyday normal life.

I want to look at some of these lies and show you that they are lies and talk about what’s really true instead. Why companies or media or anyone else lies about food and nutrition is just my opinion. That they are lying is easy to prove with some simple detective work. I want you to learn to do your own detective work and learn to see through the lies.

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