Un-Learning (exerpt)

In Food Truths, Food Lies on July 6, 2011 at 12:25 am

Our parents are our first teachers about food and everything else. Some of the things you know about food and nutrition was learned before you could crawl. Eating made you happy and you eating made your parents happy. Eating was a game and a fun one for most babies and toddlers. What, when, and why we eat gets programmed in our high chair, all while smearing and throwing baby food everywhere.

Playmates, teachers and television all have a lot of power over what kids learn too. All of this education in nutrition comes way before we learn algebra and is ingrained much deeper than any multiplication table ever could be.

That makes our job with this book tougher but also more important. Tougher because many of the things I want to teach you may at first seem wrong and you may not even know why. The why could be because you learned it when you were still chewing on your blocks instead of stacking them. It’s hard to fight against stuff we learned so early, but we have to. We have to if we want to be different and if we want our children and their children to have it easier than we have. If you learned this stuff with a bib on, so are your children. If you know better, they can know better and your grandchildren might not even have to unlearn the wrong stuff.

But it has to start somewhere and I dare you to start it now. Learn, change, make the first step to a new way of thinking, eating, and weighing start now. Read on.

From the Introduction of Food Truths, Food Lies. Order here from Amazon to read on!


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