Soda Wars

In Diet and Weight, Junk Food on June 29, 2011 at 12:08 pm
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I just read a ScienceNews article about another state legislature debating a soda tax. Illinois will (probably) not be taxing sugary drinks, at least partially due to a recent Northwestern University statistics study. The study showed that the tax won’t work because obese people drink diet soda.

As any reader knows, I’m death on sugary drinks, so this certainly caught my attention. It is an interesting study for a couple reasons. The most obvious point is that diet drinks don’t work. There have been a number of scientific studies showing that artificial sweeteners can make people eat more and are linked to obesity in general.

These stats just reinforce something most honest (ie., not paid by the food companies) doctors and nutritionists already know.  What I was most struck by was the flawed assumption this smart, non-medical author made.  Ketan Patel was quoted saying “obese people’s weight [won’t change] because they already drink diet soda.”

That is not the point! The kids who are growing up to be obese are the ones who need protected from sugary drinks. The young adult who is only 20 pounds overweight but headed for diabetes needs help avoiding the future. The mom who believes the lie that “Juice is good for you” needs help protecting her kids from the useless calories.

Patel’s study proves that obese people know something the rest of us don’t yet: Don’t drink your calories!

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!

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