Do-It-Yourself (recycled)

In Diet and Weight, Food and Health, Junk Food on June 21, 2011 at 12:45 pm
Brown Bag lunch for doctorfoodtruth

Brown-bag it!

Convenience is great.  I love the ease of driving through the car wash, waving my credit card, and driving away with a sparkling car.  At least until I get the bill.  Then I think “Couldn’t I have washed it myself and saved that $15?”

We can find companies willing to do most things in life for us now.  House cleaners and lawn care services and snow removal companies are great time savers.  I stopped sweating over changing my own oil a few years ago.  The car I drove required a $150+ wrench to remove the oil filter and I couldn’t see buying it.  It was so convenient I never went back even after trading cars.  I’ve seen ads for professional organizers, party planners, and even dog-poop-scoopers.

One of the conveniences Americans use the most is also one of the worst for our health, though.  Having someone ‘pick up after’ our two dogs isn’t likely to make me need bigger pants.  Eating out for lunch?  Stretchy pants are definitely on the radar.

Multiple studies have shown that people who eat fast food more often are more likely to be overweight or obese.  Just in the past few days McDonald’s was petitioned to stop using their clown to market their food to kids (since bacteria won’t even eat the stuff! – watch Super Size Me.)  The lunch rush at my office often leads to some pretty bad choices.  The exceptions?  Those of us that pack our own.

I started bringing my lunch years ago when I was a medical student and too poor to even buy food from the clown in the hospital.  (The Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis has a freakin’ McDonald’s in the lobby!)  I’ve kept it up all these years, now mostly to avoid eating the stuff that everyone else in the office has to put up with for lunch.  Fried chicken dinner from the gas station convenience store or pork tenderloin sandwich from the greasy spoon diner?  Tough choices, huh?  Even the ‘Jared-approved’ Subway run seems to lead to too many calories too easily.

I think the control over my lunch-time is well worth the time it takes to plan ahead and have my lunch with me.  Ten minutes are all it takes – try it!  Besides, just think of all those $5 lunch bills going back into your pocket if you need any further motivation.

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!


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