Budget your Calories (re-post)

In Diet and Weight, Food Diary, Mindful Eating on June 11, 2011 at 12:58 pm
Budgeting on doctorfoodtruth


From the news lately, it sounds like we Americans have a little trouble with budgets. Congress can’t make or stick to one and most families seem to have the same trouble. Who knows how to fix Congress’ problems, but fortunately regular folks like you and me have resources.

My friend in Indianapolis, Peter Dunn is well-known for his books, radio show, and seminars teaching the rest of us how to tame our finances.  When he and I met for lunch recently (unsweetened tea, bison burger without the bun, splurge on Ted’s amazing fries) I realized my dietary teaching runs right along with his budget advice.

Ignore your money budget and you’ll need a bankruptcy lawyer. Ignore your diet ‘budget’ and you’ll need stretchy pants.

The problems people have with money and food budgets seem connected. Both budgets work with hard numbers.  This is your paycheck, you can’t spend more than the amount printed on it or you’ll have to borrow. This is your daily calorie need, you can’t spend more than it says or you’ll have to save (fat.)

Your waist is just as accurate and picky as your banker. No one hears, “Oh, that’s ok, Mr. Jones, don’t worry about that extra $100 you withdrew. We know you didn’t mean to so it won’t really count.”
In just the same way, my waist can’t and won’t ignore this handful of chips or that can of pop or my late-night bowl of ice cream.

Every calorie counts.  The ones that don’t get used are saved for later.
Count ’em!

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

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