A Little Less Sweet is a Good Thing

In Diet and Weight, Excercise, Food and Health, Mindful Eating on June 10, 2011 at 12:34 pm
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sugar crystals

“Wow!  Look at you!”

Cindy was in this morning  for her appointment and that was the first thing out of my mouth.

I saw her just a few months ago and we had a long talk about her diet and weight.   I track several tests regularly to give me an idea how patients are doing with regards to their sugar, especially when they are as close to be fully diabetic as Cindy was.

From multiple measurements, I was worried that she was just a few pounds away from crossing the line into diabetes.

Of course, diabetes isn’t really such a sudden thing.  Experts say the very first changes of diabetes may happen as long as 20 years before the person is diagnosed.  The first changes can happen even before a person gains much weight, but is linked to a diet heavy on the starches and sugars.

Because diabetes is such a gradual thing, it often sneaks up on people.  I work hard to spy it coming a long way off and give my patients fair warning.

Well, that fair warning I gave Cindy lit a fire, let me tell you!  Twenty-four pounds in 3 months is very impressive for natural, diet-based weight loss, the only kind I ever recommend.  As always, I had to ask how she was doing it.

“Just cutting back and getting moving,” she said with a grin.  She has found the cushion most of us keep in our diet, the little snacks, extra servings, and heavy desserts that cause so much of the “growing” I see in full-grown people.

Nothing crazy, nothing but choosing health and keeping her own motivation burning.  Way to go Cindy!

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

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