Hoping for Hope

In Food and Health on June 7, 2011 at 12:47 pm

doctorfoodtruth picture of book coverA few weeks ago I wrote that “without hope the people perish,” quoting Jewish wisdom literature that is at least 2,500 years old.  This came to mind over the weekend as I was reading Dr. Henry Cloud’s 9 Things You Simply Must Do.  He says that “Hope is not a fairy tale wish, it is bedrock.”

One of the places I try to awaken hope in my patients is regarding their health and weight.  In my experience, I have seen changes happen long after most people would have given up.  I’ve also seen that these changes work to improve health and well-being no matter how late in life the turnaround starts.  These experiences give me hope that there is always hope!

Medically, I don’t give up hope easily, but I think many people do because they have not seen that “bedrock” of results and real possibilities in themselves yet.  Instead they only the see repeated patterns, broken promises, and disappointments and often have given up on themselves.

One of my hardest and most important jobs as a physician is waking people up to the fact that there IS hope and that there IS a way out and that there CAN BE a future that looks and feels different than right now.

This is true!  Grab hold and don’t let go — you deserve nothing less.

Your Choices in the Now make the You in the Future!

  1. What a thoughtful (& thought provoking) post! Hm. I know what I am capable of because I’ve seen it before — but I can’t fathom how difficult it would be for someone who has spent a lifetime on mostly failed attempts at becoming healthy. Food for thought!

  2. Great message! Your patients are very lucky!

  3. that is so thought provoking and inspiring.
    thank you.

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