Eat Brown, Eat Healthy (via Edicio dela Torre)

In Diet and Weight, Food and Health on June 6, 2011 at 12:25 pm

An excellent, culturally aware post about the health benefits of eating ‘brown’ and some of the cultural obstacles to making healthy choices.  This view on food choices involves food security and self-sufficiency for Third World countries.

From a dietary standpoint, this post fits well with “Don’t Eat White” as I tell my patients every day.  Don’t Eat White means avoiding processed starches and carbohydrates: white bread, white pasta, white rice (hence this post), white flour, white potatoes, and white sugar (brown isn’t any better for this last one!)

For a week now, I have taken part in the discussions within the Department of Agriculture about its “Rice Self-Sufficiency Roadmap” for the Philippines. One of the issues gaining greater appreciation is that a self-sufficiency strategy needs to address not just production, but consumption. The latest article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (March 9, 2011) from our good friends John and Robin is a welcome call to “broaden the conversation” on thi … Read More

via Edicio dela Torre

  1. This is an issue in America as well! I am SO sick of seeing white pasta, white bread, and white rice in American schools.

  2. We blame the food companies but in a lot of ways it is truly cultural for us just like the folks from the Phillipines this post describes. We expect smooth, white bread and fries with every meal and will find a new restaurant if it’s not like that. So I keep pushing people to change every chance I get. Just don’t have quite the same size food revolution as Jamie yet…

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