Slimming at 73

In Diet and Weight, Mindful Eating on June 3, 2011 at 12:35 pm
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weighing in

Today is another impromptu change of plans.  As I’ve said, I love getting encouraged by success stories in the office.  Well, Mr. K, today you gave me a shot in the arm!  Mr. K is one of the best people you could meet, never a sharp word, always a big smile even when he’s not feeling the greatest.

A year ago, he was feeling pretty low and tired all the time.  We found his blood pressure was through the roof and I told him I thought some medicine could get him feeling better.  He agreed but also wanted to know what he could do to fix the problem.  Music to my ears!

We talked over diet changes, calories, salt, and weight loss programs (I’m a fan of Weight Watchers.)  He told me he would get to work right away.  He did, too.  By his next visit to adjust his blood pressure medicine, he had dropped 5 pounds in 4 weeks.  Steady changes in his diet and walking habits has kept the weight coming off slow but steady.  Today, he weighed in at exactly 30 pounds less than he did 10 months ago!

That sort of change in life habits is the kind that sticks, let me tell you.  He is now into the normal weight range and his blood pressure has come down right along with his weight.  When I asked him how he’s doing it, he said, “Simple.   I just make sure I stop eating.  I push away from the table before I’m full.  Now I know what satisfied but not stuffed feels like.  And now we both know what it looks like!”

Kudos, Mr. K! You have done a great job reclaiming your health and energy.  Keep at it!

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!

  1. This is awesome! I hate when people say they’re too old to change or too old for the changes to MATTER. Of course the changes you make matter, at ANY age!

  2. How refreshing to hear about Mr.K!! I am making a presentation to retirement residents at the end of the month and will relay his story to them. Maybe they also will become inspired to change a few diet habits. Thanks!!

  3. That’s great, I’m sure he’d be proud to think his story was helping others!

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