All in Your Head

In Diet and Weight, Mindful Eating on June 2, 2011 at 12:59 pm
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Body Odd has a post today about a recent study in Health Psychology.   Scientists have found several hormones that change when we eat or starve and are always trying to tease out the details of why they change.  The hope is that they might be able to invent the “magic pill” everyone wishes for.

Even though magic only works if your name is Harry Potter, the stuff they learn in the meantime can turn out useful.  This study measured a hormone called ghrelin that our intestines make right before we eat.

When we start to think about food, out comes the ghrelin.  Once we eat “enough” then the ghrelin level in our bloodstream is supposed to drop back down and tell us to stop eating.  Of course, “enough” is a major problem for many of us.

These scientists found that people given a milkshake had drastic differences in how they felt after drinking it AND their ghrelin hormone level based on what they thought they drank!  The very same 380-calorie milkshake was labeled either 140-calorie “sensible” or 620-calorie “indulgent.”  How people felt about the drink, how full they felt afterwards and even their level of the “enough” hormone all changed depending on what they thought!

Amazing proof of the mind’s power and of how much our attitude matters in health issues.  If I think I’m being deprived, my diet will be harder to follow.  If instead I think I’m living well and enjoying myself I’ll be more satisfied.  Simply amazing.

Three thousand years ago, Jewish King Solomon said:

“Do not eat the food of a stingy man, or desire his delicacies; for as a man thinks within himself, so he is.”

My modern-day translation?  Don’t drink a dieting man’s weight-loss milkshake, because whatever you think about it will come true!

Change Your Food, Change Your Life!


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