Lies, Lies, Lies

In Food and Health on May 21, 2011 at 12:17 am
doctorfoodtruth picture of disgusting fast food sandwich

Clogged arteries, anyone?

You are being lied to. It happens every day, all day long. The lies come so fast and thick and have been flying for so long that they don’t seem like lies anymore. We sure don’t call them lies. We have lots of nicer names for this stuff, like advertising or menus or magazines….
Why companies or media or anyone else lies about food and nutrition is just my opinion. That they are lying is easy to prove with some simple detective work….
The lies come in many forms, like a full-of-sugar kids cereal claiming to be healthy or the ‘extra-value’ sized portions at many restaurants. The lies are so common that I think you are safe to assume that every food package, advertisement, or menu is lying to you. From what I can see, at least 99% of them are and I’ll just personally apologize to the two or three ethical companies out there when I find them. The rest? Liars….
Follow the money and you’ll have a general idea why we’re being lied to. It works, that’s why. These lies sell more food to more people than corporate honesty and openness would, so, surprise, here come the lies.
I think that if the average shopper knew, really knew what he or she was buying and actually eating, we would be a much thinner and healthier nation and the food companies would offer much leaner, healthier foods. Unfortunately, nearly every shopper at your local store is clueless about the calories in their food and just wants what tastes good or is convenient or has a pretty package in the amount that makes them feel good and full. So, this is exactly what the food companies put on the shelves.
The result of shopper ignorance and corporate greed? Millions of overweight, unhealthy, tired, and frustrated people….
If you and me and every other shopper knew that “Trans-fat FREE!” is hogwash and that portraying juice as healthy should make an advertiser’s nose grow, these lies would disappear and we would have healthier, reasonably portioned and more honestly labeled food to buy at the store or restaurant. (Food Truths, Food Lies, pp10-12)

The truth will set you free!

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