Do Your Body Good

In Diet and Weight, Food and Health, Mindful Eating, Organic Food on May 11, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Our bodies are amazing and fascinating.  It doesn’t take a medical degree to be awed by how effortlessly our bodies do the things they do.  My heart has already beat over 14 million times since it started and thankfully hasn’t asked for the day off even once.  My digestive system has worked all day, every day since before I was born, getting me the energy I need to live even though I haven’t always given it such good stuff to work with.

My skin replaces itself every few weeks, my hair grows despite the barber’s work, and certain types of my white blood cells are completely replaced twice a day!  All of this constant activity needs lots of energy and raw materials to make it happen.  For me this is about 2,100 calories a day (if I don’t make it to the gym) using my favorite online calorie calculator.

Since my BMI is 22, I know I need to average this many calories per day to keep my weight in the healthy range.  The body amazing part is that if I don’t care how I feel or how long I’ll likely live, I could get these calories from practically anything and still keep my weight the same.  Lard or lettuce or even Big Macs like this guy, it’s all about equal with respect to my weight.

Of course, the completely un-amazing part of eating like that would be how bad I would feel and how many heart attacks I’d be heading for.  So instead I will choose a breakfast like this:

healthy breakfast

or this:

PB on spoon

Once you know, deep down, that what you eat really makes who you are and how you feel, the choices start to get a little easier.  Once you start doing food differently, making a habit of choosing wellness, it gets much easier.  And once you notice how much better you feel when you consistently make healthy food choices, it can be a breeze to choose healthy.

Eat Healthfully, Live Fully Healthy!™


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