Gut it out

In Diet and Weight, Excercise, Mindful Eating on May 9, 2011 at 12:20 pm

WebMD had an article recently about the biggest mistakes men make about their weight.
First on their list is misjudging how much credit we get for exercise. Going to the gym and sweating a little is really good for you but as a weight-loss strategy, not so much.

From the article: “Exercise is not enough. This is something that Brett White, MD, a family medicine physician … in Portland, often tells his patients who need to reduce the size of their midsection.”

tattoo of six pack on big beer belly

Twenty minutes on the bike can burn 100-150 calories, twenty minutes jogging can burn 200, and some time with the weights might burn another 100 or so. Spent an hour working out? Maybe 500 calories. The Gatorade you crave afterward? 200 calories the wrong way. Some Muscle Milk to ‘keep the muscle?’ That’ll cost you 250-450 more depending on the size.
This common after-workout regimen means that I walked out of the gym tired, smelly, and 200 calories ‘richer’ than I came in! Geez! How unfair is that?
Moral of our story? You can’t exercise your way to weight loss. The solution? Think before you eat. Knowing what is in our food and what it’s going to take to burn it back off should be part of every meal and snack-time decision.
Change your food, change your life!


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