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Forks over Knives

In Food and Health on April 27, 2011 at 10:21 pm

I just saw the synopsis and trailer for the new movie Forks over Knives and am intrigued.  I am always interested in reasons to eat better and feel better but seeing a (relatively) big budget film focused on one of my favorite soap boxes is unusual.

There are always wackos who claim cancer-curing abilities if you’ll only eat (insert wonder food here) so I’ll withhold final judgment until I see the movie.  On balance, even a wacko movie could help bring needed attention to one of America’s biggest and most expensive problems: our addiction to cheap, good-tasting, kill-you-quick food.

Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution have given this often boring part of medical care and life a little sexiness recently.  I admire his energy and showmanship; he certainly draws a crowd when he fills a school bus with sugar.

This shows the amount of sugar Los Angeles Public Schools kids get every week in their chocolate and flavored milk!  (See the Food Revolution Community page on Facebook)

Sometimes I think I can even see headway being made in school lunch programs nationally, though it may take a little longer to filter down to my beef-and-corn forever town.  If you are passionate about healthy food for our school kids, visit his website or FB page and sign the petition against sugary milk.  There’s even a page to print and give to your school board members (complete with pictures!) showing how bad chocolate milk is for kids.