Summer Eating

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Aren’t you glad summer is finally here? Warm weather, sunny days, long evenings to sip iced tea; what’s not to love? Another great thing about summer is all the fresh fruits and vegetables. In the winter, it can be expensive to feed a family with healthy choices. Many times frozen or canned is our only option, which is much better than nothing!

In summer, the fruits and vegetables are fresh and cheaper and it’s time to put them back in our diets every day. Experts recommend five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
One reason is the fiber and vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables have. Another reason is to replace the meat and potatoes that caused all those winter pounds!
Remember, fresh is best, frozen is fine, canned is OK. Juice and dried fruits have much more sugar and should not be a regular part of anyone’s diet.
Enjoy the weather and the vegetables!


But I Don’t Eat that Much!

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I just gave an interview on public Access TV in Speedway, IN yesterday. This topic in my book Seemed to get the most interest and it reminded me of this long-ago post. Here it is again, enjoy!


doctorfoodtruth illustration of portion size growth

I wrote Food Truths, Food Lies after spending years trying to help my patients sort through their food and weight issues. There is plenty of research showing how bad we all are at estimating how many calories we eat. We can be off by hundreds of calories when quizzed about portion size! This universal ‘bad guessing’ is one of the biggest reasons Americans are so big.

As food portions have grown over the years, our ability to accurately judge calorie content hasn’t. I recently came across another study that looks at this issue from a little different angle.

This 2006 study is by my favorite ‘Food Psychologist’  Brian Wansink. He and his co-author used different size meals to figure out if the “who” or “what size” was more important in judging calorie counts.

It would be easy (and wrong, according to Dr. Wansink) to imagine that overweight or

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Drink Diet Soda, Gain Weight??

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More great stuff from the Fooducate Blog:

Diet soft drinks have been around for decades. You would expect them to help people lose weight. But the world’s obesity epidemic is just getting worse.  There are many factors that lead to weight gain, but could the consumption of diet drinks, which have far less calories than sugary beverages, actually be a negative factor?

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University reviewed the eating and drinking habits of  24,000 adults…

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